Keshia Knight Pulliam: Jonesing to Play Janet

As if watching the littest Cosby kid portray a streetwalker on the big screen isn’t ironic enough, next we may have to bear her popping her top at the Super Bowl.

This week on Buzzworthy Radio, Keshia Knight Pulliam – who played Rudy on The Cosby Show – says she’s setting her sights on a particular biopic.


Keshia (left): Close enough for jazzy Janet?

“My dream role is to play Janet Jackson, if she ever does her life story while I’m still alive – and I’m young enough to play her,” Keshia, 29, tells host NaVell Lee.

Janet, of course, made healines in 2004 when Justin Timberlake “accidentally” ripped her bustier off during their halftime show at the  Super Bowl.

And though it hasn’t quite come to that yet, Keshia is currently starring in Tyler Perry’s Madea Goes to Jail – as a hooker and former drug addict.

Keshia also has her eye on an Angelina Jolie-type role, telling NaVell:

“I really, really wanna do some sort action movie. You don’t really see a lot of African-American women – or just women in general – who will play those fighting roles.”

To hear Keshia’s full interview, click here.

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