Kevin Schmidt on Fellow ‘Y&R’ Star Eric Braeden: Lots of ‘Restless,’ Not Much ‘Young’

Does Kevin G. Schmidt think it’s time for TV granddad Eric Braeden to hang it up?

Maybeif we’re hearing him correctly.

CAPTION: Eric: Daytime stud past his prime?

Eric: Past his daytime prime?

Interviewed on Mr. Media, Kevin weighs in on the controversy surrounding Eric’s departure last week from The Young and the Restless.

Eric, 68, who has played Victor Newman since 1980—and took a voluntary pay cut two years ago —reportedly quit the CBS soap after refusing to his have his salary slashed again.

Now it seems Kevin, who has played Noah Newman since 2008, feels Eric—and other Y&R cast members —are getting a bit too long in the tooth.

“Our show was created 37 years ago. And 37 years ago our business was very different.” Kevin, 21, tells host Bob Andelman.

“Now it’s so interactive. People just want to find five, six, seven characters they can relate to on every basis.

“[Y&R executive producer] William Bell created such an incredible format 37 years ago. But I think this evolution of havingyou know, 30 percent of our cast are 30 and 40 or over.

CAPTION: "Everything's evolving in our business, and the show's gonna have to evolve," Kevin (above) tells us.

"Everything's evolving in our business, and the show's gonna have to evolve," Kevin (above) tells us.

“So they all share the same fan base. Very few of our cast is—I’m one of the youngest guys on the show,” continues Kevin, who also starred in the Cheaper by the Dozen flicks, made trouble for tween queens Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez in The Disney Channel’s Princess Protection Program, and currently co-stars in the Internet TV series, Poor Paul.

“So there’s a lot of ‘restless’ on our show, but not a lot of ‘young.’

“I think what’s happening now, it’s a transition.

“I don’t know if Eric’s going anywhere, but I think this is just the show evolving and having to make some tough decisions in a tough economy.”

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3 thoughts on “Kevin Schmidt on Fellow ‘Y&R’ Star Eric Braeden: Lots of ‘Restless,’ Not Much ‘Young’

  1. Carolyn Love

    Kevin Schmidt is the little punk that doesn’t know enough about acting to comment on other actors that are the life of the Y&R. Kevin could be replaced without it being noticed. No one can replace Eric Braeden’s Victor Newman.

  2. Jerrilyn Kovitz

    What a little sh%.
    This wet behind the ear little experienced little fellow is in need of a lesson
    in humility. Perhaps the emploers of his parents or grandparents will say the same
    about them, and offer a pay cut that may cause them to lose their home and retirement pension. Then little Kevin will have to get a minimum wage 9-5 to help them pay their bills instead of laying up eating bon bons all day at the expense of others, until his next acting gig comes along, which I hope won’t be too soon.


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