Kevin Sorbo: The Heck with ABC — They Put the Kibosh on My Pilot!

CAPTION: "It's just so frustrating," Kevin (above) tells us of "Bobby" getting bounced.

"It's just so frustrating," Kevin (above) tells us of his beloved "Bobby" getting bounced.

Even after four years, Hercules is still miffed at the Mouse House network.

Interviewed on Dr. Blogstein’s Radio Happy Hour, Kevin Sorbo, who played the title role on the syndicated series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, recounts how Disney’s TV operation failed to pick up what he says was an excellent project.

“I did a pilot for ABC called Bobby Cannon, where I was playing sort of an aging star quarterback for the Chicago Bears,” the he-man actor tells host Dr. Blogstein.

“We were the number-one-tested pilot for ABC. But in their infinite wisdom – this was four years ago – they didn’t pick up my series.

“You go figure that out. So the seven shows they picked up that year? All canceled within six months.

“[Coach creator] Barry Kemp was the creator and show runner… And we had Kate Walsh on the show, before she got Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice. We had Rock Carroll. We had a great cast,” Kevin continues.

CAPTION: Steve: The object of Kevin's vexation.

Steve: The source of Kevin's vexation.

“It was shocking to me that they never picked it up.

“This is the same guy who said no to American Idol and CSISteve McPherson, he’s the president of ABC [Entertainment Group].

“My publicist will go nuts on me for saying this in public.

“But ABC hasn’t hired me for a job in four years, so the heck with them.”

To hear Kevin’s full interview, click here.

4 thoughts on “Kevin Sorbo: The Heck with ABC — They Put the Kibosh on My Pilot!

  1. Tracy

    Kevin needs to grow up, for every door that is slammed in his face, That is God saying there is something better for you!!

  2. virginia

    Tracy, you are right. It has been 4 years! I call that water under the bridge. I am a great fan of Kevin’s but, Kevin, look at what you’ve done in that 4 years. Some pretty good stuff.

  3. Juke Early

    Comments above obviously by people never who never had a large work project rejected ex post facto. Sometimes, the suits responsible for things need to be named—no statute of limitations on both sides of being shortsighted.

    The facts are sports themed shows have no sustained success on network TV. Even FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS w/a youg audience demo, was moved into a special viewing situation & is on a small episode order, season by season. Most football fans only care to watch real time games—for many reasons, one being betting. A fictional show eludes their interest unless it has naked women & two cable shows just like that failed in the past.


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