‘Lost’ Star Harold Perrineau Gets Fan-tastically Lucky with Victoria’s Secret Model

Now here’s a reason for stars to forsake Tinseltown for the Big Apple.

Interviewed on NDB Media, Harold Perrineau—who played Michael Dawson on ABC’s recently-wrapped Lost—recounts a memorable run-in with an extra-foxy fan.

CAPTION: "I was like ‘Oh, in my apartment even. Right on!'" Harold (above) tells us of his supermodel admirer.

"I was like ‘Oh, in my apartment even. Right on!'" Harold (above) tells us of his admirer.

“When I was in New York doing [ABC’s] The Unusuals, I was renting this apartment and my landlord was this Victoria’s Secret model, and her boyfriend was like an art curator or something like that—he was into art,” Harold tells host Roger Noriega.

“He knocked on my door one day—they both knocked on my door, and it’s this beautiful woman and I’m like, ‘Hey! What’s up?’

“And she was like, ‘Hey, I just wanted to give you this CD. It’s my friend’s; they have this band called This Week On Lost, and they would write songs that recapped either each episode or that recapped the season. I don’t remember.’

“I thought that was one of the coolest—and weirdest things—like, Yay! Victoria’s Secret model whose my landlord just gave me a CD.

“That’s great. Love this business!”

To hear Harold’s full interview, click here.

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