Movie Geeks Welcome Brian De Palma

Brian De Palma, famed Hollywood director, will be a special guest on Movie Geeks United! to talk about his new film “Redacted.” BlogTalkRadio welcomes Mr. De Palma to social Internet radio.

Redacted De Palma will join the Movie Geeks at 10pm ET to discuss the new controversial film “Redacted.” The film, set for limited release next week, is quickly becoming the most controversial film of the year, if not the past decade. It tells a thinly veiled ‘fictionalized’ account of a group of American soldiers in Iraq. As an article in The Ledger, indicates:

“The segment will focus on DePalma’s latest film, “Redacted,” a controversial pseudo-documentary based on the rape and murder of an Iraqi girl by an American soldier. DePalma’s previous directing credits include ‘Scarface,’ ‘The Untouchables’ and ‘Mission: Impossible.'”

Without doubt, this film has been getting the buzz. Host Jamey DuVall said of Brian De Palma:

“The Movie Geeks and our family of loyal listeners are honored to welcome Mr. De Palma to our program…He is truly one of the great cinematic geniuses of our time.”

Actors from the film are also set to appear for tonight’s show.

More on De Palma on the IMDb. A press release on contains additional information.

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