NY Post’s Starr Report Quotes BlogTalkRadio

Mr. Media’s Bob Andelman interviews cultural insiders almost every day on his BlogTalkRadio show.

These media figures, ranging from innovative authors like Daniel Pink, to former Village Voice cartoonist Jules Feiffer, to Lassie star and author Jon Provost, enjoy the casual and insightful interviewing style of Mr. Media.

Today’s New York Post Starr Report by Michael Starr features a quotation from Mr. Media’s interview with Katherine Fugate, the creator and Executive Producer of hit Lifetime series Army Wives:

Dream on: Katherine Fugate, who created Lifetime’s “Army Wives,” has a famous aunt – “I Dream of Jeannie” star Bar bara Eden, 73. “I don’t know how many men I’ve dated who were trying to get to her,” Fugate told blogtalkradio.

Mr. Media’s friendly style, coupled with the ease of using the BlogTalkRadio platform, enables some unique cultural insights to emerge, and media outlets like the New York Post are taking note.

Catch Mr. Media’s show on BlogTalkRadio, including today’s interview with Will Eisner’s The Spirit producer Michael Uslan.

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  1. Susan Star

    BlogTalkRadio…..many thanks! A radical pioneer in communications and communication technology. You will be among the some of the “biggest” communication changes university communications majors will discuss for years to come!

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