Original ‘Halloween’ Slasher Tony Moran Rips Rob Zombie’s Remakes

Tony today, sans sabre...

Tony today, sans saber...

Don’t ask Tony Moran, who played knife-wielding Mike Myers in Halloween, if he’s seen director Rob Zombie‘s updates of John Carpenter‘s classic horror flick.

But if you do, expect a, ah, bloody earful—which is exactly what PSI-FI Para-Radio host Donna Stewart got this week when she welcomed Tony to the show.

When Donna inquires as to what Tony thought of 2007’s Rob Zombie’s Halloween, the actor says:

“I haven’t seen it—and I won’t. I won’t, won’t see it. I refuse to see it.

“I’ve heard that some people love it, and some people don’t care. But I just can’t stand that he did it,” Tony, who was paid $250 to portray Mike in the original 1978 flick (and who, incidentally, is the brother of Happy Days star Erin Moran) continues.

“When I heard he was doin’ it, it was like somebody stabbed me in the heart, you know? It was a horrible feeling.

“I was like, Oh, my god! Are you kidding me? I’m sure he loved [the original] Halloween, and I’m sure he wanted to revise it and do whatever he wanted to do.

...and 32 years ago, as psycho Mike.

...and 32 years ago, as psycho Mike.

“But I also know that he knows he’s gonna cash in. I mean, come up with your own stuff.”

Tony’s upcoming horror flick, Beg, finds him playing Jack Fox, “a burnt-out detective forced into early retirement as the worst serial killer since the Boston Strangler begins a killing spree through the streets of Salem, Mass.”

To hear Tony’s full PSI-FI Para-Radio interview, click here.

To check out the Beg trailer, click here.

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