Rachel Weisz: My Nude Scene in ‘Agora’ Was a ‘Powerful Tool for Me as an Actor’

Unlike many thespians of the fair sex who—after snagging an Oscar—refuse to go au naturel onscreen, Rachel Weisz embraces the move.

Interviewed on Milling About, Rachel, who won Best Supporting Actress honors for her role in 2005’s The Constant Gardener, chats about disrobing in her new flick, Agora, a historical drama set in Egypt during the Roman era.

CAPTION: "I think we all feel pretty vulnerable naked in front of strangers," Rachel (above) tells us.

"I think we all feel pretty vulnerable naked in front of strangers," Rachel (above) tells us.

“It’s slightly strange being naked in front of a crew. I really don’t know how to explain it,” she tells host Robin Milling.

“I know what I look like naked. I look at myself in the mirror, so I’m not deluded as to what I look like.

“The stoning scene is a very emotional and dramatic and tragic scene, but I was also naked—but that made me feel incredibly vulnerable.

“So it was a powerful tool for me as an actor.”

Rachel Weisz, who also played Evy Carhahan-O’Connell opposite Brendan Fraser in The Mummy flicks, later addresses Internet rumors that she’s set to star in the next James Bond movie.

“That is not true,” she says. “I just finished a film with Daniel Craig— who is of course James Bond—so maybe that’s why.

“We worked on the film Dream House. Daniel and I are married and we have two little girls and we move into our dream house in Connecticut.

No 007 outing with the hunky Daniel (above).

No 007 outing with 'Dream' co-star.

“Unfortunately it turns out not to be a dream house. It turns out there have been some pretty savage murders that have happened in the house right before we moved in, which our realtor has failed to tell us about.

“That really starts the ball rolling for a terrific story. Hopefully, it will scare you. That’s the idea. We literally finished it about 10 days ago but it will be released next year.”

To hear Rachel’s full interview today at 1 p.m. ET, click here.

To check out the trailer for Agora, which co-stars Max Minghella— and opens today in New York City—click here.

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