Robert Osborne, host of Turner Classic Movies and Official Oscar Biographer

Osborne Robert Osborne, the distinguished host of Turner Classic Movies, offers film fans three days of classics and conversation at his upcoming film festival in Athens, Georgia. From April 10-13, participants will see and discuss a variety of classic films, including Notorious, Young Frankenstein, Lawrence of Arabia, The Way We Were, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape and African Queen. This exciting event will be held in The Classic Center, Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Georgia. “It’s a wonderful opportunity for film fans to meet each other and celebrate their love of classic films,” says Diana Saenger of

Osborne and Saenger will join Movie Addict Headquarters today at 4pm ET in between Osborne hosting four primetime movies seven days a week as well as two other programs for TCM. He also writes a regular column for The Hollywood Reporter. Known as the official Oscar® biographer, Osborne even has his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. His acclaimed book, 75 Years of Oscar is being updated to cover the last five years and will be released sometime this year.

21 thoughts on “Robert Osborne, host of Turner Classic Movies and Official Oscar Biographer


    Hi Mr. Osborn,

    I have been a fan of yours for years and I hope you get this. By the way, you were
    terrific as host to the Bette Davis tribute at the Academy Foundation.

    I needed to write and hopefully connect to you because I am watching the Frank
    Sinatra special with Gene Kelly. You had mentioned On The Town as the last
    film they worked on. Did they do it the same time they did Take me Out to the
    Ball Game. I think you mentioned that the only time they worked together was in
    the film On the Town but they also worked together in Take me Out to the Ballgame.
    Being a fan of all the musicals I just had to write and let you know. Thank you
    for listening and I hope you get this. I could find no other email to send to. Wish
    I could have gone to Georgia, maybe one day you will do an all musical conference.
    Be well, jeanie

  2. Gale

    Dear Mr. Osborne,

    I am writing to you on behalf of a man who is terminally ill. He is a disabled Vietnam Vet who suffered a stroke in 2004. Since then, he has been found to have congestive heart failure, osteoporosis, and in 2006 was diagnosed with leukemia. He has very little time left.

    His dying wish is to see the movie “Dear Ruth,” starring Joan Caulfield and William Holden. This movie is not available on VHS or DVD, and hasn’t been shown on TV in several years. I am exhausted from trying to get any print of this, and I have been searching for the past four years.

    I check at least twice a month. I have voted for it to be on DVD, and have been leaving posts on a regular basis requesting this movie. I am at my wit’s end, and I promised him I would make an earnest attempt to contact you, which I now have. I hope that you can convince TCM to show this. It was produced by Paramount, and I know that TCM has several Paramount titles in their library.

    Is it possible to use your influence to get this movie to television as soon as possible? I know there are two sequels, “Dear Wife,” and “Dear Brat,” and they would make a wonderful collection on DVD, or an evening of viewing. There are many other viewers who would like to see the same thing. I believe the votes to put it on DVD aren’t as high as they would be had this movie been shown on TCM in the past few years.

    Thank you for your time. I hope you can help.


  3. Dame Darlene Rubinoff

    Dear Mr Osborne, I have been watching your big band orchestras al evening and enjoying themso very much. but you forgot to include Rubinoff and his orchestra. All of those band leaders started out under David Rubinoff’s baton, in the 20’s and 30’s. Benny Goodman,Tommy Dorsey, Glen Miller and Artie Shaw and others. I just wanted to remind you of this and tell you how much I enjoy Turner Classic Movies. I am Maestro Rubinoff.s Widow. I have written “Dance Of the Russian Peasant” The biography of Rubinoff and His Violin. Good Bye Dame Darlene Rubinoff

  4. J. R. Schlechter

    A movie question for Mr. Osborne: Why in movies of the 40’s and 50’s does the driver always exit or enter a car by the right passenger door, sliding across the front seat ?

  5. Emily

    Dear Robert Osborne,

    I am usually a fan of TCM, the best station on any cable imho. And I watch your films as much as I am able.

    This past week or was it two weeks ago, I lost my other half. At first I was just in shock. Then, this week-end I felt this immense lonliness, a delayed reaction. Even more delayed was looking for films on Cable tonight and suddenly feeling beyond blue, all the way to black. Every film on regular cable was violent and just worsened my already terrible state of mind. And then, o my god, I found Gregory Peck, two films and then the WONDERFUL documentary about him and his rich life. I didn’t feel jealous but the blackness in me lifted totally, as I saw LIFE being lived so beautifully.

    I think TCM, in addition to many other things, can save your life. Sure feel like I was saved tonight. Thank you Robert Osborne, without you, TCM wouldn’t be remotely the same. You too are so sweet and comforting. Thank you, Emily


    Dear Mr. Osborne,
    Was just watching The Locked Door on TCM and noticed an actor in it that looked familiar from another movie I saw a few days ago Singing in the Rain. He is the first speaker of a “talkie”film in Singing in the Rain.
    The actor that looks so like this actor in The Locked Door was named Rod La Rocque.

    Is this in fact the same actor?? Thank you for any information you can give on this. A big fan, Julie Clopton

  7. Wendy Orange

    Dear Robert Osborne,

    I don’t know your email so I hope you read this. I adore you and TCM. It has saved me more than once from depression and loss. It has more often given me great great pleasure. I watch nothing else on Cable TV.

    But I’m writing to tell you about the Director, Creator and genius of a man who runs the Miami Beach Cinemateque. Though only 48, he lives, breathes and works to create films for those here who love art films, classic and otherwise. His name is Dana Keith and his website is, I hope it is that.

    Dana is a film fanatic, a classy guy and a film genius. Like you he knows all the films from 1895-2008. Though he shows many new artie indie films, he LOVES the classics. I think he, who is charismatic yet humble, beautiful but never vain, a true genius of films as you are, would be a perfect man to invite or at least interview about being on your show.

    Dana is one of my closest friends and the reason his Miami Beach Cinema is one big reason that I live here in South Beach. (Also in Manhattan where I said Hi to you on the street. This, his fifth year of organizing and speaking for each film, has left him with virutally no free time except at Cannes where he goes with his former teacher, Jean Decock every year.

    I know you two would have a meeting of the minds and great enjoyment in each other’s company. So I submit his name and email to you publically, because not being internet savvy, I couldn’t find your private email.

    You can, if you ever have time, write to me at I swear, knowing you through watching TCM most nights sometimes even while I write novel on deadlines, and knowing Dana through watching his films and talking about films with him on other nights,of the week, I KNOW this would be truly out of the ordinary –syncronistic for both of you.

    We are going to the Democratic Convention next week, but if you would email me, or have an assistant do so, I know this would be a mutual delight. You are wonderful and Dana is a visionary and knows films like no one but you. How about it? A video interview would be fun, a mere phone call to him, whose number I have, would be a way to check it out. I have risked my public email, that’s how strongly I feel. So taking a risk, what else is life about?

    By the by: Dana is very classy and yet sweetly modest about those many famed directors: Scorcese who have offered him their film premiers for free and come to talk to the group growing up around his work and around him.

    His new web site is He has no idea I’m writing to you though when I said to him: Someone knows as much about Classic films as you, he immediately said, “Sure, Robert Osborne knows even more.” So, how about for a man who has worked 24/7 to create culture in this strange town, South Beach, Espanola Way. Thanks for passing this onto Robert. If not, I understand. Thanks so much.

    t fame. You two would be such a thrill for viewers. thanks so much. Hoping someone monitoring TCM will call me or email. Thanks. I have nothing to gain from this but help make TCM have a fun night and give Dana someone to whom he can talk as equals. Love to you, Wendy O.

  8. Frawley Becker

    Dear Robert Osborne —

    May I make a correction to your pronunciation of the French silent film, “La Terre”, that aired Sunday evening, 16 November 08? You pronounced the title as “La Tare-rahe” phonetically. The correct pronunciation, again phonetically, is “La Tayre” (one syllable). The final “e” that you pronounced is only pronounced in French when it has an acute accent over it, as in “café” or “outré” or “passé” or “blasé”. Think of the photography term “matte” which comes from the French. Or “parterre”, a section of theatre seating. No acute accent on the final e in either case, so no pronunciation of “rahe” as you did with “La Terre”.

    Frawley Becker

  9. Joanne

    What is the name of the big band song that was always played on TCM before the movie started? I’m pretty sure it is a 1940s tune. I also heard it in the Gena Rowlands 2002 picture “Charmes for the Easy Life.”


  10. Sarah

    Mr. Osborne,

    You are such a class act and I am so entertained by your knowledge of the films I see on TCM. I am a fan of the black and white films from the 30’s, 40’s, and many of the later films. As a matter of fact, I would not even move to another location in this area, only because there is no TCM on their cable listings. I am 66 years old and I cherish memories of watching the older films with my mother who is now deceased ….brings back times of our making popcorn. starting a fire in the fireplace and having such fun seeing real acting and real stories. Hope TCM remains for our entertainment as long as I am around as well. Thank you

  11. Josef Porinchak

    Dear Mr. Osborne,
    Recently I was watching The Bishop’s Wife on TCM and your co-host…can’t remember his name but he was a real funky looking guy….mentioned how athletic Cary Grant was in the skating scene. But he must have been kidding, because it’s clearly a Cary Grant double. Julia and Sylvester also had doubles……

  12. Brad S.

    I have an autogrpahed photo of Olivia De Havilland and, for the life of me, I can’t figure out what movie it was taken from. I’ve looked around the Internet and still can’t get an answer. Can you provide an E-mail address where I can send the photo for you to identify? Thanks.

  13. Joseph Rizzo

    I don’t know how else to reach you with this question. I have been waiting for years to see TCM present “The Constant Nymph” starring Joan Fontaine and Charles Boyer. I saw it as a young boy and never forgot it. Will you ever show it? I also wonder if you will ever show a wonderful French film called “Symphonie Pastoral” starring Michele Morgan. A beautiful film. I await your response. Thank You.

  14. Jerry Mandell

    Can anyone tell me if VERTIGO (Hitchcock’s Classic) was made in Black & WHITE or only in color?

  15. stella gregory

    Dear Mr Osborne

    I am sorry to be disturbing you but I think that you are the only person that can help me.
    I am from tha Azores islands and arounde the 80s I went to the movies to see the Opera Madama Butterfly in film. Since I was young at the time and my english was very poor I can not tell you the name of the actors, but it was one of the most beautiful movies I have ever seen. I understand that it was filmed in Italy. I hope that you can give me some information about were I can find it and buy it.
    I hope you will help me.
    Thank you so verry much,
    Stella Gregory

  16. mel halliday

    dear mr.osborn there is a film i saw once as a child named “face of fire” i thought spencer tracy was in it but now i’m not sure. it was about a very nice and popular man whos face was burned in a fire. he is suddenly percieved as a monster by his town.can you help me find this film if it exist.


  17. Joe "Nick" Bacigalupi

    Aloha Mr. Osbourne,
    I live in rather obscure town on the Big Island of Hawaii. I love your show as it (the old movies you show) remind me of my childhood. A few movies I’d love to see, but can’t find any where for purchase are 1) Proud and the Profane, 2) Naked and the Dead, 3) The Left Hand Of God.
    If you ever come across these classics, I’d love to see them again, thank you for your consideration.

    Joe in Hawaii

  18. Bob Jablon, Highland Park, Il

    TCM is a treasure for those who love movies! Robert Osbourne adds much to their enjoyment and is a tremendous asset to TCM. Viva Bob Osbourne!

    One of my favorite movies is a Robert Montgomery film called “Gallant Hours, ” starring James Cagney, playing Admiral Bull Halsey during the World War II battle of Guadalcanal. I’m sure Bob Osbourne knows this film, and could provide the anecdotes (as he typically does) concerning its’ making.

    To my knowledge, Gallant Hours has not played on TCM. I’d be delighted to see it scheduled!

  19. Bernadine Ringewold

    TMC, I love U. I would love to invite Bob Osbourne to a slumber party for us older girls that remember the classics. Do you think he would come.
    Could you please give me the name of a Dale Robertson movie that he made where he was an undercover agent for the govermernt during the Civil War. He had a chance meeting and took a liking to a young girl that ran a musical troupe for the soilders. She ran her wagon and USO troupe north and south. He would fall in love with her, and her to him, but they never could get todather until he figured it out she was the one smuggling gold from the north to the south. He was shot but survived. Please tell me the name of the movie. It was black and white as I remembered. Very old show. would like to buy it.
    Thank you, Bernadine Ringewold 281-593-0829

  20. candy

    Iloved your tie,on the 8 pm movie on sept 6. I would love to have that for my husband, any chance you could send it to me. Big fan of your’s. Thank you, Candy


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