Oh, Snaps! Robin Milling Does Late-Night Duty with A-listers Aplenty

A night on the town with "Independence Day" prez Bill Pullman.

A night on the town with "Independence Day" prez Bill Pullman.

You gotta hand it to Robin Milling. In her quest to capture the most compelling performers on tape, she burns the candle at both ends—as evidenced by this series of snaps she just passed on to us.

As host of Milling About, which launched in October 2009 here on BlogTalkRadio, the New York-based veteran entertainment journalist has interviewed a who’s who of the Tinseltown and Big Apple entertainment scenes.

Just to name a few: Michael Douglas, Andy Garcia, Bill Pullman, Rachel Weisz, America Ferrera, Mark Ruffalo, Valerie Harper…

(…breaking for breath-catch…)

CAPTION: Cozying up to "Moonstruck" star Danny Aiello and "Sopranos" player Lou Martini Jr.

Best buds with "Moonstruck" star Danny Aiello and "Sopranos" player Lou Martini.

Kevin Kline, Joan Rivers, Danny Aiello, Jeff Daniels, Pauly Shore, Vinnie Pastore, Dominic Chianese, Bryan Batt and (pfew!) Wilmer Valderrama.

And in addition to chatting with such luminaries, Robin often sits down with them for a bite to eat—or at a least cocktail or two.

(That may explain why they rarely fail to dish out at least one newsworthy gem.)

Robin also recently launched her Lost Interview series, wherein she shares with us never-before-aired interviews from years (and decades) past, with icons like Tony Bennett, Dick Clark and the late Jerry Garcia.

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P.M. table hopping with Mary Tyler Moore BFF Valerie Harper.

So if you haven’t yet tuned into Milling About, you’re missing out on some of the most compelling, buzzworthy chatter we have to offer.

In the meantime, enjoy Robin at her nocturnal best, rubbing elbows with some of our favorite A-listers.

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