Steve Coogan on Philomena and Judi Dench


Cinema Royale talks to Steve Coogan of the new film Philomena. Coogan is best known as a comedian. He created the character Alan Partridge and starred in such films as Tristram Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story and Tropic Thunder. However, Philomena, which he  also co-wrote and produced, is dramatic. Coogan talks about acting alongside Judi Dench in the film.

Coogan talks about the process of writing the film, based on a true story of an Irish woman whose children are taken away from her by the Catholic Church, saying that he “took the bones of [the original story] and tried to turn it into something else.” He also notes that, despite the grim subject matter, he didn’t want the story to be depressing but “uplifting, somehow.”

Listen to the full episode here.

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