The Life of Celebrities on BlogTalkRadio

Celebrities are busy people. They have to be in order to continue to be celebrities, right? But we’re busy people, too. So occasionally when a host secures an interview, one party or other might have to reschedule. And it’s always great to see when they do.

LyriqToday, we have two great shows that fit the bill and we welcome Lyriq Bent and Colin Mochrie to BlogTalkRadio.

Lyriq Bent reprises his role as Rigg in the upcoming Saw franchise film. Saw IV, directed by Darren Lynn Bousman, hits theatres October 26th. That’s tomorrow! Hear the Movie Geeks get the story on Saw IV and all things Bent on Movie Geeks United! tonight at special time 8pm ET.

Mochrie And as Hilary mentioned yesterday, Colin Mochrie will be on The Joe Show today at 3:30pm ET. Colin is best known for Whose Line is it Anyway? with Drew Carey. He’s the new host of Are You Smarter than a Canadian Fifth Grader? which debuts today. So, are you? Listen in.

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