The Movie Geeks Hit IMDb's Hit List

The Movie Geeks make the homepage of the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) again!

The IMDb Hit List features movie-related hits from across the Internet. This isn’t the first time the Movie Geeks have held that distinguished honor.


This time, the Movie Geeks United show with Paul Schrader is featured. Be sure to check out their previous archive, the Paul Schrader Tribute Show, featuring special guests JEFF GOLDBLUM, WILLIAM FORSYTHE, DANA DELANY and THOMAS G. WAITES, which host Jamey DuVall indicated could have been “our best ever.”

2 thoughts on “The Movie Geeks Hit IMDb's Hit List

  1. Jake Reardon

    I am a movie geek. I love Jerry and Jamey. These guys rule talk on film as far as I’m concerned, exposing us the listeners to so many great voices, such talent. Tons of kudos. Jake


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