The Poor Chef Welcomes Damien "E Love" Matthias

From the man who taught you how to put a great meal on for seven bucks, comes the BlogTalkRadio show that combines celebrities, food and entertainment.

Tonight at 9pm ET, Charles “The Poor Chef” Mattocks will be talking with legendary music producer, musician and award winner Damien “E Love” Matthias, LL Cool J’s former right hand man. E Love will share what it was like being with the actor / rapper in the early years and explain how they got started – to how they ended – their long relationship. E Love will talk about his own projects and what the future has in store.

Also on the show, some great food talk from Barbara Ware and The Poor Chef will be judging a South Carolina cook-off. Get the dish AND the scoop tonight with The Poor Chef.

One thought on “The Poor Chef Welcomes Damien "E Love" Matthias

  1. marvette

    this guy is so sexy and funny, i cant wait for his show to come out, i am not sure why he has not been picked up yet


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