Timmy’s in the Well: Lassie Actor Jon Provost on BlogTalkRadio

Mr. Media welcomes Lassie star Jon Provost, fresh from having fallen into another well, today for a Mr. Media Interview.

Jon Provost Today at 1pm ET, actor Jon Provost discusses his book Timmy’s In The Well, the story of Jon Provost, television’s first child superstar, and the low-down on LASSIE, one of television’s most enduring shows.

It is filled with celebrity anecdotes, rare photos, and memorabilia. Since his original seven-year run on the show, Provost has become a household name in 125 countries.

His episodes continue to air in more than 50 countries, the checked shirt and jeans he wore as Timmy hang in the Smithsonian, & he has his own star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame.

One thought on “Timmy’s in the Well: Lassie Actor Jon Provost on BlogTalkRadio

  1. BecTV

    LOVE IT!!! it was so fun hearing everyone talking about some many things.

    Makes me feel younger again……back to the early 60’s…


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