Tom Farley Jr., Author of The Chris Farley Show

Chris Farley was a star of SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE and movies such as TOMMY BOY and BLACK SHEEP. Tom Farley, Jr., Chris’s older brother, is president and managing director of the Chris Farley Foundation, which educates young people about substance abuse and addiction.

ChrisFarleyShow Today at 1pm ET (click to listen), Mr. Media welcomes Tom Farley, Jr. to BlogTalkRadio for an engaging, exclusive interview about Chris Farley the man, the book “The Chris Farley Show,” and Chris Farley the legend.

“The Chris Farley Show” is an evocative and harrowing portrait of a family trapped by addiction, a father forced to bury a son, and a gifted and kindhearted man ultimately torn apart by the demons inside him.

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