Variety Magazine Blog Salutes BlogTalkRadio’s Geekerati

Christian Johnson and our friends at Geekerati here on BlogTalkRadio were showcased on Variety’s Thompson on Hollywood blog, as the place to get more information about DVD extras.

In addition to her weekly column, Anne Thompson the Deputy Editor of Variety Magazine writes a daily blog. Thompson On Hollywood covers the latest in film and entertainment news, gossip, and trends from an expert’s perspective.

In a post entitled Asian DVDs: Tarantino, Mitchell, and Chute Talk King Boxer, Thompson reviews the audio commentary on a newly released Classic Collection DVD.

For more information, Thompson points readers to Geekerati Radio on BlogTalkRadio, who will be hosting a show entitled “DVD Extras” on July 16. Clearly Geekerati’s reputation precedes them!

Geekerati proclaims itself “geek talk for sophisticated geeks.”

Since their debut on BlogTalkRadio, Geekerati has broadcast shows on Harry Potter and Pottermania, zombie movies, and interviews with fantasy writer Susan Palwick and game designer Matt Forbeck.

Stay tuned to Geekerati Radio to see what they’ll come up with next!


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