Veteran Actor and Tony Award Winner Joe Mantegna on BlogTalkRadio

With over 100 movies and TV shows to his credit, Mantegna has become one of those actors whose face may be more recognizable than his name.

MantegnaMeet Joe Mantegna today at 4pm ET on Movie Addict Headquarters. His most current television appearances include The Starter Wife, for which he received an Emmy nomination, and Criminal Minds, in which he plays the intriguing David Rossi. His new film, Elvis & Anabelle, has been selected for screening at this year’s upcoming Sonoma Valley Film Festival. In this gothic love story set in West Texas, Mantegna portrays a brain-damaged mortician. Talk about versatile!

Other Emmy nominations earned by Mantegna are his supporting work in The Rat Pack (playing Dean Martin) and in The Last Don. International acclaim for Mantegna came in 1988 when he was named Best Actor of the Year for Things Change at the Venice Film Festival and in 1981 when he earned the London Critics Circle Actor of the Year Award for Homicide in 1991. Mantegna also won a Tony Award for Glengarry Glen Ross in 1984. Other memorable Mantegna films are Searching for Bobby Fisher, House of Games, Above Suspicion, Stateside, Bugsy, Up Close and Personal and The Godfather 3.

Catch him LIVE this afternoon!

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