BlogTalkRadio Host Advertising Kit & Guide

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Are you interested in selling advertising or sponsorships on your BlogTalkRadio show?  We’d like to help make that happen by providing you with your very own customizable Host Advertising Kit that you can send to potential advertisers.

 How It Works

  • Download the document.
  • Personalize the document in the areas where you see brackets {  } by double-clicking in different sections – don’t forget to edit your show name at the very top:)
  • Feel free to add and delete information where you see fit and use this template as a guide. For example:
    1. You may have more of a presence on Twitter than Instagram so you would delete Instagram from your document under the Online Reach section.  Or say you are on Google+ or Pinterest, you would add those on to the list.
    2. If you are not a Pro host, you would delete out the option of offering banner ads under the Advertising Opportunities section.
  • Email or print out and deliver your completed document to your prospective advertisers.
  • Post this document on your personal website or blog.
  • Make sure to update the document with new information every few months.

What are you waiting for? Download your Host Advertising Kit now.

Need more tips on Advertising & Sponsorships?  Be sure to listen to our special 3-part BlogTalkRadio University series on the topic.  Go to shows.

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