World Class Horsetrainer Josh Lyons on Ralph's Backporch

We have aficionados of every sport under the sun who broadcast shows here on BlogTalkRadio.  And recently, we’ve also welcomed new shows2005chiltonphcf1pm_017.jpg concerning animals and pets.  So I’m glad our hosts are melding the two categories!

On Ralph’s Backporch, hosts Tamara and Ralph welcome Josh Lyons, a world renowned horse trainer and all around equestrian expert.  Josh is the son of John Lyons, a horsetrainer who is widely recognized as “America’s Most Trusted Horseman.”  That’s a tough act to follow!

Don’t miss this show if you are an horse-lover, or if you’d like to learn more about the sport and culture of horse training and riding.  Josh will discuss his current projects and his trips around the world with his wife.

Tune in at 8pm ET. 

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