BlogTalkRadio Raises $4.6m in Funding: Everyone is Sharing the News

By now you must have learned of our good news. BlogTalkRadio announced today that we raised $4.6m in funding. Many of our friends around the blogosphere helped to spread the word and share in our happiness. We’d like to take some time to thank them for their kindness.

  • Thank you Mashable for truly getting what we’re all about and what the new funding will mean for us and our users.
  • Thanks go out to Podcasting News for the awesome write up.
  • AlleyInsider didn’t forget us today. We appreciate their mentioning how BlogTalkRadio can benefit authors.
  • WordPress Publishers – One of the first blogs to post our good news today.
  • DigitalMediaWire – Thank you for the mention.
  • TailRank – Thanks for considering ours among the hottest news in the blogosphere.
  • PaidContent – We appreciate the short but sweet mention.
  • Thanks RadioGlue for the link.

More thanks go out to:

Did you share our good news? Let us know and I’ll be happy to add you to our list!

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