BTR’s Alan Levy Quoted at ReadWriteWeb


There’s only one thing we love more bringing you great radio, and that’s getting the word out about BlogTalkRadio.

Our own CEO, Alan Levy, is proof of this as he’s quoted at ReadWriteWeb talking about the launch of Technorati Media Ad Network. Alan talked with Josh Catone about how big businesses want to get in on what’s happening in the blogosphere. Alan should know…BlogTalkRadio features shows from plenty of big names in business such as Sun Microsystems, Wiley Publishing and AOL.

2 thoughts on “BTR’s Alan Levy Quoted at ReadWriteWeb

  1. Colleen B Lue

    Alan and Bob have done an amazing job with BlogTalkRadio and considering the start up finance to back up this wonderful online radio network, it’s no wonder big names have got in on the publicity value of BTR. It levitates my very being to know that Alan and Bob have put a lot of time and effort into this brilliant online radio platform.

    Chris Pirillo gave me some useful tips on the show too. A good tech person with a big personality.

  2. Margie Franklin, The Home Biz Diva

    Blogtalkradio is big business. I’m not surprised that powerful companies with powerful execs are interested in having their own radio shows. Blogtalkradio is a great way to convey your thoughts, feelings, hopes & desires, while advertising at the same time. What a fantastic way to brand yourself as an expert in your field.

    Margie Franklin, The Home Biz Diva


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