Wednesday’s Internet Radio Wealth

Wednesday must be a big day. I’ve found some stunning shows in the line-up for September 5th. At least two are guaranteed to pique your interest or you can send me an email and tell me otherwise! Check out this list of outstanding guests/topics. The best thing is, if you can’t make the live show you can always listen to the archive or just subscribe to the feed so you never miss a show. Here’s the run down on Wednesday’s wealth of content.

The Convo – Captain Sweetbread from ABC’s Pirate Master, airs at 1AM ET

Breast Cancer Wellness – Beverly Vote, publisher of The Breast Cancer Wellness Magazine, 1PM ET

Stop Sugar Shock – Karen Quinn, author of Wife in the Fast Lane, 4PM ET

dennyTalking Baseball – Denny McLain, the last 30-game winner in MLB history, 8PM ET

Divine Diva – Rhonda Britten, Founder of the Fearless Living organization and life coach on ABC’s Starting Over, 8PM ET

Ace Radio Live – The best unsigned and indie bands from MySpace. It’s the One Year Anniversary show, 9PM ET

Movie Geeks United! – Krisit Jacobson, director of documentary “Toots”, which recently took Tribeca Film Festival by storm, 10 PM ET

MBELLART – Gold & Platinum Award Winning Christian Star CARMAN. Also, “Sopranos” Actor John Fiore on his new role in Showtime’s hit series “BROTHERHOOD,” 10PM ET


One thought on “Wednesday’s Internet Radio Wealth

  1. Alex

    If you haven’t checked out our Wednesday Night Mayhem show, tonight is the night to do it. It’s our 1 year anniversary show and we have a great lineup of the best unsigned and indie bands that have made our first year so rockin’. Plus we’ll have interviews with Juke Kartel, Zox, Alicia Marie, The Tommy’s, Outlett and Big John from VH1’s “Rock of Love”

    Don’t miss the Mayhem!


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