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The Last Men Standing …

The last men standing in the Republican race have much in common.  Both Mike Huckabee and John McCain were considered out of the running for the Republican presidential nomination.  Both of them had run out of money and momentum.  And both saw their fortunes rise after multiple appearances on BlogTalkRadio!

Now, we’re not saying that BlogTalkRadio made them successes.  They did that themselves, and the voters have spoken.  We’re just pointing out that their success had at least a few BTR appearances as a start.

Check out Heading Right Radio and do a search for the three interviews we did with both front runners in the GOP.  Maybe another few appearances by the winners of both parties could make the difference in November …?

Tag Teaming The Truthers

Today on BlogTalkRadio, Rick Moran and I will both talk about History Channel’s devastating demolition of the 9/11 Truthers conspiracy-theory movement. We’ll start with CQ Radio at 3 pm ET and then carry the conversation over into the Rick Moran Show at 4 pm ET. Rick writes that “being the old fashioned Irishmen that we are, will hold an Irish wake for the truthers by getting drunk on the air and fondly reminiscing about how the 9/11 truthers made us laugh, cry, pull our hair out, and stare at in wonder.” I may skip on the drinking part and wonder what it is that the truthers smoke.

Agree? Disagree? Call CQ Radio at 646-652-4889 and the Rick Moran Show at 718-664-9764 to join the conversation!

Big Guests On CQ Radio

People often ask me how I like working in the New Media as political director for BlogTalkRadio as well as blogging at Captain’s Quarters. How can I answer with anything less than absolute joy — especially on days where we have a show like this? In the first half, I’ll be talking with Rep. Pete Hoekstra, the ranking Republican on the House Intelligence Committee, on the recent changes to FISA legislation. Rep. Hoekstra will talk about the changes, why they were necessary, and the upcoming effort to change the law yet again to restrict the NSA.

And in the second half, Steve Forbes joins me to talk about his role on the Rudy Giuliani campaign. A favorite of libertarians and fiscal conservatives, the one-time presidential aspirant will talk about tax policy and why he signed onto Team Rudy.

Let me tell you — this beats call-center management every day of the week. Be sure to tune in — and remember, with your own BTR show, you could be talking with exciting guests like this yourself ….

Mike Huckabee Rocks BlogTalkRadio!

Arkansas Governor and presidential candidate Mike Huckabee continues to lead in at least one measure — how to engage voters through BlogTalkRadio! The Governor had his band, Capitol Offense, lay down a few licks live on his BlogTalkRadio broadcast while updating supporters about his recent campaign in New Hampshire.

Be sure to keep an eye on the Team Huckabee show and the ongoing presidential-campaign podcasts!

BlogTalkRadio Welcomes James Joyner & Outside The Beltway

I’m happy to welcome my friend James Joyner, proprietor of Outside the Beltway, joins BlogTalkRadio tomorrow! OTB has been one of the premier center-right political blogs for the last few years, but has also expanded into many other topics. James has guested on my show, and I’m looking forward to the launch of his own radio show. We can expect a wide range of subjects, and James will bring a surprising point of view to all of them. James will also be posting at Heading Right from time to time — so keep an eye out for his contributions!

Why BlogTalkRadio Works

Last night, Heading Right covered the third Republican debate in the same manner as the first two — a vigorous live-blog, followed by a roundtable deconstruction at Debate Central. The various conservative BTR hosts who participated all got a chance to converse with each other on the website — which generated more than 60 posts during the two-hour debate — and then went to our primary format of talk radio to finish the evening.

That’s what I like about BTR. It merges the technology of blogging and talk radio so seamlessly that one wonders how one exists without the other. Blogging gives us time to determine our message, but BTR allows us to structure debates almost on the fly. I was fortunate enough to moderate the roundtable last night, and I have to admit, I was very impressed with the level of analysis the back-and-forth nature of the show provoked. I had been reading the live-blogging all night long, which emphasized quick reactions to momentary events, but the panel showed real depth in their analysis.

As for me … I just asked the questions!

It’s similar to my travels with the Romney campaign in Iowa last week. I got a terrific interview with the candidate at CQ Radio, but even more to the point, my BTR interface allowed me to create a show on the fly. Because I had a laptop and a cell phone, I could broadcast the Romney town-hall forum, to what is really a global audience. I can go anywhere, to any event, and do the same thing. I don’t even really need power, as long as my batteries hold up, and I can bring BTR listeners anywhere.

That’s the power of citizen journalism. That’s the power of BlogTalkRadio. Join us, and discover the power for yourself.

Heading Right Covers The Debate

The conservative talk-show hosts have now covered the second Republican presidential debate with a quick-paced and interactive live-blog at Heading Right. Over 60 entries were posted during the 90-minute span by more than a half-dozen of our regular political line-up. Commentary ranged from serious critique to fashion review in a fun and snappy presentation. Anyone who missed the debate could reconstruct it from the blow-by-blow account given by the group.

Afterwards, several headed to Debate Central, where I moderated a raucous roundtable review of the debate. The podcast is available for download, of course, and listeners will get a chance to see how each of us saw this debate a little differently. The only consensus appears to be that Ron Paul needs to go home. Now.

Heading Right will be back for the next GOP debate — and maybe the Democratic one as well!

BTR Welcomes Andrea Shea-King

by Edward Morrissey

Blog Talk Radio welcomes Andrea Shea-King to our Politics channels. Andrea has broadcast her show in Florida on traditional radio for quite some time and has built a strong audience. However, Andrea wants a national reach and the flexibility to do what she wants with her show — and she has come to BTR to continue her success.

Why BTR? Other terrestrial radio hosts have made that choice before her, including Tru Hawkins and myself. BTR gives hosts an easy interface and the ability to take live callers, as well as a free format for her content. We have scheduling flexibility, instant podcasting, an established web presence, and a ready-made network of listeners. We also don’t have restrictions on content or point of view, as radio stations have. Andrea can be herself and do the show she wants to do, without seeking approval from ever-changing program directors.

That’s why we believe Blog Talk Radio will be the future of talk-show broadcasting. While politicians haggle over the Fairness Doctrine and program directors try to avoid offending listeners by offering watered-down talk, BTR offers its listeners the widest possible varieties of debate and discussion. That’s why listeners come to BTR, and that’s why hosts like Andrea Shea-King come to BTR as well.