Becoming a Mother: From Party to Parent

Kristen Chase, host of Motherhood Uncensored welcomes author Rebecca Woolf to BlogTalkRadio for a discussion of her new memoir.

RockabyeMotherhood Uncensored hosts Becoming a Mother: From Party to Parent tonight at 9pm ET (click to listen), featuring author Rebecca Woolf and her new memoir “Rockabye: From Wild to Child.”

Rebecca makes the transition from life as an odd-job doing commitment-phobic, chain-smoking, irresponsible party-girl to life as a work-at-home mother with a different kind of social life. Throughout, Rebecca doesn’t relinquish the token qualities of her free-spirited, pre-baby self; rebelling against both the “soccer mom,” and “young mother” stereotypes, challenging herself to grow up without outgrowing her dreams, and most importantly embracing motherhood without a map.

Sound like you or someone you know? Join Kristen and Rebecca tonight for a lively chat about motherhood, uncensored.

As a side note, Kristen was recently featured and interviewed on The Today Show. Congrats on that achievement, Kristen.

One thought on “Becoming a Mother: From Party to Parent

  1. Cathrina

    I am a Marketing Executive for Green Ideas and Family Communications on Guam and the US. We are are a small island of local families seeking for positive solutions to help people grow and prosper. As a single mother raising two children and working a full time job alone. Life without your children is like an ice cream cone without it’s filler. No body need to be left alone in time of need. I am a self motivated writer and provide resources to parents and youth of all ages. I also network with a wonderful non-profit organization called Island Girl Power.

    We encourage youth to speak out and be heard in their most needed times but it is our obligation to send out the right messages to our viewers. I love our island culture and would maintain the natural beauty it represents. This is like the same with human life form and advocacy to those less fortunate. There are families today who are struggling financially. This is a place of love and passion to share greater knowledge, experiences and most of all develop valuable relationships. My world is a constantly making the effort to keep young adults out of trouble.

    I am thankful to Jesus that he gave me the pathway to live my life to it’s fullest.

    Cathrina M. Palomo


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