Blurb! Book of the Week: Judith Sherven and Jim Sniechowski’s ‘The Heart of Marketing’

We think we speak for every consumer on earth when we say we hate the hard sell—that is, some two-bit goon trying to pressure us into parting with our hard-earned moolah by hurling outlandish promises at us so fast that our head is spinning like Michelle Kwan on speed.

So you can imagine how thrilled we are to announce that this week’s Blurb! Book of the Week honors go to Judith Sherven and Jim Sniechowski, authors of The Heart of Marketing: Love Your Customers and They Will Love You Back.

Judith and Jim: Soft-sell gurus.

Judith and Jim: Soft-sell evangelists.

For this 182-page work preaches the virtues of “soft-sell marketing,” which Judith and Jim define as:

“Authenticity, transparency, respect and partnership—so your customers and clients can clearly see who you are and what you bring to them so they can confidently do business with you.”

Better yet, they say, “Traditionally, business has been strictly a numbers game—founded on calculation instead of connection—and the world at large has suffered from commerce that lacks consciousness.”

And from the looks of their own lives, it seems safe to say that Judith and Jim are the real deal.

Married 21 years, the couple—both of whom earned Ph.D.’s in psychology—are founders of the Soft Sell Marketers Association, which  provides support, training and community for fellow soft-sell marketers.

Currently living in Las Vegas, Judith and Jim are also the authors of five books on maintaining healthy romantic relationships, including, The New Intimacy and Be Loved for Who You Really Are.

the-heart-of-marketing-coverEach week, Blurb! hosts Sally Shields and Dr. Kent review not books but prerecorded pitches from five writers in one genre whose literary offerings are hot off the presses.

And each scribe (or team of scribes) gets a mere three minutes to convince our resident critics that theirs is the book worth cracking. But if they succeed, they capture the coveted Book of the Week title.

That means Sally and Dr. Kent post it prominently on the Blurb! website, just as they did with Judith and Jim’s book.

To top it all off, the winning author gets a guest spot on the show, during which to pitch his or her book live to listeners worldwide, just as Judith and Jim will appear on today’s show at 12:30 p.m. ET.

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One thought on “Blurb! Book of the Week: Judith Sherven and Jim Sniechowski’s ‘The Heart of Marketing’

  1. JudithandJim

    Thank you sooooo much for your support for Soft Sell Marketing and an end to the abuse of the vulnerable buyer — after all that’s what got us into the current financial mess!
    It is our pleasure to have our latest book honored in this way – as Blurb Book of the Week!And we enjoyed our interview with Sally…
    Judith & Jim
    Judith Sherven, PhD and Jim Sniechowski, PhD


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