Seeing the Future with Cory Doctorow

What will the future look like?cory

Poised to answer this question are the folks at Fast Foward Radio, who examine the convergence of emerging technologies and emerging possibilities, said to usher in the greatest period of transformation in human history.

To this end, the show invites authors, futurists, scholars, inventors, software developers, and journalists to share their take on the fascinating topics surrounding how life will change for humans in the coming years.

Cory Doctorow, science fiction author, activist, journalist and blogger, joins tonight’s episode, part two of a series on the new economy, to talk about his book, MakersMakers tells the story of the next great economic boom and bust cycle, and the ways in which increased individual control will impact our economy and society.

makersCory is a co-editor of popular blog Boing Boing,  blogger at, and contributor to Wired, Popular Science, Make, and the New York Times.

Tune in to the interview at 10pm ET.

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