‘PLUS Model Radio’ Host Chenese Lewis’ Chat with Catwalker Crystal Renn Stirs Up Media Storm

As readers of this blog know, PLUS Model Radio is the go-to show for news and information on the plus-size modeling industry, as well as interviews with top models in this fast-growing category.

So when we tell you that host Chenese Lewis is once again making headlines with the program, you won’t be surprised. (Nonetheless, do read on.)

CAPTION: Crystal: Caught in girth controversy.

Crystal: Caught up in girth controversy.

On Jan. 24, Chenese sat down with Crystal Renn, the red-hot catwalker who holds the distinction of being the only plus-size model ever to appear on a Harper’s Bazaar cover, to chat about her latest promotional gig, as the new face of Jimmy Choo.

During the interview, Crystal reflected on her recovery from anorexia and her decision to become a plus-size model, which the industry defines and beginning at size 8 and going up size 20.

“Because of my size currently, I straddle this line between the two worlds—I guess you could say I’m a plus size straight size model. I’m four inches smaller than a plus size model and four inches bigger than a straight size model,” she told Chenese.

She also said she’s a size 8. But wait! The latest info from Ford Models, where Cyrstal is under contract, lists her as a size 2.

Withing hours of the interview, fashion blogs were buzzing about the apparent discrepancy.

On Friday, Jezebel—the “Celebrity, Sex and Fashion Site for Women”—wrote the Crystal “sounds extremely intelligent, well-spoken and clear of mind. It’s obvious she’s left her unhealthy behavior and self-loathing in the past… Perhaps her new modeling card lists her size as 2 just to encourage clients to check her out?

Chenese: Her show (as we know) IS all that.

Chenese: Her show (as we know) IS all that.

And yesterday, in a story headlined “Ford Models Deny that Crystal Renn Is a Size 2; Shrinking Beauty’s Rep Insists She’s a Plus Model,” New York’s Daily News wrote:

“Crystal Renn is caught in yet another skirmish over her weight. The full-figured stunner’s model card—a standard ID that quotes sizes—lists the 24-year-old as a two with a 32-inch bust, 24-inch waist and 34-inch hips.

“Ford, Renn’s management company, insists those measurements are a printing error. Ford issued a statement stating the brunette beauty is still a size 8.

“Renn told PLUS Model Radio that she is now in modeling limbo—too big for for straight size, too small for plus-size.”

Click here to read the Daily News story.

Click here to hear Crystal Renn’s PLUS Model Radio interview.

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