BlogTalkRadio Leaves “beta” and Launches Revenue Sharing Program for Hosts

Each day at BlogTalkRadio blows me away. Dog trainers, government officials, sportscasters, authors, psychologists and reality TV stars have all embraced citizen broadcasting and the innovative way BlogTalkRadio allows you to interact with listeners and distribute shows through social radio. Today is no exception as we announce two major items.

Removing the “Beta” Tag – Since we launched BlogTalkRadio in August 2006, our hosts have produced more than 37,000 segments. We relaunched the site on September 17th of this year, adding many social networking components and social media applications to the experience. The community has been energized and is reaching new heights week after week.


While we are still running a complicated Internet radio technology platform that allows for thousands of people to interact live, in real time, we feel comfortable removing the “beta” tag from our logo. Thanks to our thousands of hosts and listeners that have stood by us while we made the experience more stable, useful and entertaining.

Revenue Sharing Program – We are also very excited to be releasing the Revenue Sharing Program, a shared advertising revenue program designed to provide an ability for hosts monetize their BlogTalkRadio shows.

Advertisers and sponsors will now have the ability to place ads on a category and keyword level, as well as on individual shows. The program will include both banner ads and pre-roll audio ads which can be targeted to certain categories, demographics, packages of shows, etc. – creating an even more attractive network for large advertisers. Participating in the program is free and easy. The program basics are:

  • If BlogTalkRadio brings in the advertiser and/or sponsor then we will share 35% of revenue with the hosts/publisher.
  • If the host brings in the advertiser and/or sponsor for their show, then we will share 50% of that revenue with the host.

During my first few months at BlogTalkRadio, I have experienced a hard-working, committed team and their passion not just for technology but also for the empowering characteristics of new media. I’ve seen every person in the company go above and beyond to help our community. The fact is we each really love what hosts are doing. We listen to shows, we give ideas, and we troubleshoot issues side-by-side. I believe it is this commitment that has enabled both businesses and individuals to create so many great shows with top talent.

Revenue Sharing supports this idea by sharing the revenue earned by hosts creating content. The release of this program also signifies an important step forward in the evolution of our advertising network. Place a BlogTalkRadio badge and show player on your own web site or blog and opt-in to the Revenue Sharing program. The program goes into effect on January 1, 2008.

Of course, you must be a host to participate. If you’re not, now is the time to register and start your own show. It’s free. Already a host? Join the Revenue Sharing program and start earning revenue for your hard work.

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