Monday Morning Highlights!

Happy Monday to all of the “citizen broadcasters” of BlogTalkRadio!! Is it me, or did Alan Levy come up with a great term
It is Monday December 4th 2006, so lets take a look at some of the shows in our line up today.

A real estate show at 10 Am EST, Buying or Renting, Jeff and Jeff discuss when and why a person should buy their first home. You can listen to it here Jeff & Jeff Dirt & Money

My Point Radio at 7 Pm EST, Steve Ramos just returned from Iraq and he will tell his amazing story from insurgent attacks, plus a sidebar that will have you in tears.

Then at 7:30 on The Raymond and Greg Show they will have a soldier on who was in the military prison for almost a month with PFC Corey Clagett who is being held on murder charges after killing insurgents in Iraq.

Then if you need a good chuckle tune into The Dalectomy Show at 9 pm EST as Dale and The Bulldog get us into the Christmas spirit with their new elf raps and funny Santa stories.

Ok folks, happy Monday and enjoy your day “citizen broadcasters” and if your not a BlogTalkRadio Host, “What are you waiting for?”.

Amy Domestico

Programming Manager

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