Promotion is Just an Email Away: How to Reach Out to Bloggers to Promote Your Radio Shows and Podcasts


by Deb Ng

One way for podcasters and online radio hosts to create awareness around a show, topic or guest is to reach out to bloggers. Bloggers are always looking for newsworthy or niche-worthy topics to cover and will be happy to talk about your show. The best part of having your show picked up by a blog is that the link will appear online throughout the blog’s duration, so traffic can last for years. What follows are some tips for contacting bloggers to ask them to discuss their show.

1.Don’t spam – Don’t email the same bloggers every time you have a show airing. Instead wait until you have a notable guest or topic. If the same people receive the same mail every day or every week, you’re just going to end up in the spam filter. Make sure something special is going on before you email folks for coverage.

2. Think outside the genre – Promotion works so many ways. For instance, the other day Frugal Coast2Coast recently had a show where the topic was saving money on food for special diets. That topic was pitched to cooking blogs, personal finance blogs, and also blogs for folks who follow special diets such as diabetics, and parenting blogs where peanut and gluten allergies are discussed. Think about all the people who would be interested in your topic and take it from there. Sometimes it pays to go beyond the obvious.

3. Offer cross promotion – If you keep asking people to write about you, they might get upset after a while if you don’t offer the love in return. Offer to do some cross promotion. Give a shout at the end of the show and in the chatroom to the blogs that gave coverage. Write about them on your own blog. Even just a link on your show page is enough to show them it works both ways. When you cross promote, bloggers won’t hesitate to work with you again in the future.

4. Try to avoid the form letter approach – Instead of sending out the same cookie cutter form letter and press release, tailor your letter for each individual show. This way bloggers aren’t put off when they receive the same email each time. Try to personalize by using the blogger’s name and blog’s title.

5. How will your show benefit a blogger’s community? Research each blog before sending a promotion request. Write a paragraph about the show and how that blogs community will benefit from listening in.

How are some of the ways you pitch your shows to blogs?

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