Tuesday Highlights!

Good Day Friends!! Its Tuesday and let’s see who we have on BlogTalkRadio today!

Ok, here is a show I have been waiting for, Jim Kurkral from www.jimkukral.com will be hosting his first show at 2 Pm EST!! Jim, a marketing guru will be giving free marketing advice and creative idea’s for any business. Click here for Jim’s show “Free Marketing Idea’s”.

Then at 10 Pm we have “Motherhood Uncensored” with Kristen from the poplular blog Motherhood Uncensored. Kristen will be talking about tot yoga, college-prep preschool, homeschooling v public school… Featuring Alex Elliot, PhatMommy and Pundit Mom.

Then we have late night radio as 1 Am will bring along the Myspace sensation “Awesome Zara Says It All”. Zara will host late night shenanagans with as she puts it, “her band of fools”. If anyone wants to find Zara on myspace she can be found “here”.
Enjoy your day folks and remember only 20 more days till Christmas!!! Get those Ipods for your Sweety so they can listen to BlogTalkRadio wherever they go!

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