10 Reasons Why You Should Consider Blogging


by Deb Ng

As a professional blogger I learned a lot about what it takes to run and build a successful blog and community. Perhaps even more important, I learned why blogs are an important promotional, social networking and community building tool. For serious podcasters and online radio hosts, blogging is a must. Here are some reasons to consider starting your own blog:

  1. Blogs bring in search engine traffic – Blogs have the ability to bring in massive amounts of search engine traffic. You can use this traffic to your benefit.  Talk about your show and promote upcoming guests and topics.
  2. Blogs give you a place to showcase your shows and podcasts – Did you know you can embed your show’s player on your blog? This gives your readers and listeners a convenient place to listen, and keeps traffic where you want it most. Plus, when hear your most recent show, they might be inclined to visit BlogTalkRadio to check out the archives.
  3. Blogs allow you to share news and ideas – Explore your niche and bring readers and listeners the latest news, tips and ideas in your topic.
  4. Blogs offer you the opportunity to build up a community – For many bloggers, the best part of blogging is growing a community. When folks comment on a regular basis, you know they’re interested in you and what you have to say. When your community is turned on to your blog, they’ll want to learn more about your radio show.
  5. Blogs allow you to keep the conversation flowing long after your show ended – A blog is the perfect vehicle to follow up on radio show topics. Plus your community and listeners can continue the discussion long after the chat room ends.
  6. Blogs are an awesome promotional tool – Your blog is yours to do with whatever you like! Use it to promote your shows to your heart’s content. Discuss upcoming guests, topics and more.
  7. Blogs allow you to share links and resources – After each show post links to informative articles and resources for further exploration.
  8. Blogs give you the opportunity to take your podcast to a whole new level – and vice versa – Blogging allows you to expand on your day’s topic and reach a whole new audience.
  9. Blogs are fun – Most bloggers blog because they love what they do. Blogging about your favorite topic is fun and addictive.
  10. Blogs helps you become established as an expert in your niche – Use your blog to showcase your expertise. Show off your knowledge. When you know what you’re talking about, folks want to read what you have to say.

Tell us about your blogs – how do you use them as a promotional tool for your radio shows?

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