7 Ways to Take Your Blog to the Next Level with Radio

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As someone who has been blogging for several years, I’m always looking for ways to take my blogs to the next level. I’ve done redesigns, contests, and even implemented video. Something else to consider is radio.

Blogging is all about community. What better way to really connect to your community then by letting them hear the passion in your voice? Today I’d like to share some ways you and your community can benefit from having a radio show:

  1. Talk about a specific subject for as long as you like – You’ve heard all the blogging experts: when writing for the web, keep it short and sweet. With radio, you can expand and get into more detail without having to worry about eyes glazing over.
  2. Have a Q&A with your listeners – By allowing your readers to call in and ask questions or offer their own point of view, you can learn about the topics that are important to them . It also enables you to get to know them better.
  3. Bring on guests and experts within your niche – By putting together a panel or bringing on an expert, you’re letting your readers learn from others in the field. It never hurts to give another point of view.
  4. No typos or spelling issues here – Your first radio experience might be a produce a case of the nerves, but you won’t have to deal with formatting issues, image uploads, spelling or typing.
  5. It’s a wonderful way to connect with your community – Once you build up an audience you’ll feel a connection with your community, inspiring you to blog more with them in mind.
  6. It provides fodder for future blog posts – Getting into discussions with your readers or guests will no doubt provide you with tons of ideas.
  7. Your readers can connect with each other – Did you know your listeners can chat about your day’s topic while the show is going on? Invite them out of the comments and into real time with radio.

I’ll get into this in detail more on another post, but it doesn’t take a lot of expensive equipment and technical know-how to have a radio show with BlogTalkRadio. All you need is a phone and an idea.

What ways can you think of to use radio to take your blog to the next level? Are you a blogger with a radio show? Tell us about it!

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