Arianna Huffington to Appear Live on BlogTalkRadio!!

We are absolutely thrilled to have Arianna as a guest on Blogtalkradio. On October 24th at 5:00pm E.T., Arianna will be joining myself and Jaime Mintun to discuss her new book “On Becoming Fearless”.

Arianna is a fascinating and engaging individual who has achieved a great deal of success in so many ways. Her blog, The Huffington Post, according to Technorati, is one of the top 5 blogs in the blogosphere. As a guest on Blogtalkradio, not only will Arianna will be able to take calls from her dedicated fans, the interview will be streamed online. So if you are in L.A., N.Y., London, Tokyo or anywhere else, when Arianna joins us on October 24th at 5:00pm E.T, you can listen live. The live stream as well as the archived show can be found here –

In a short time, Blogtalkradio is quickly on its way to defining a new medium. A place where bloggers and podcasters large and small, are empowered to engage their hard fought and dedicated audience live and in real time. We are excited about the possiblities as to where this platform will take all of us and we look forward to working with each of you to make Blogtalkradio the best that it can be.

See you “on-air”

Alan Levy


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