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Hey, our team just returned from the Blogworld Expo in Las Vegas and while there I spoke with people from all walks of life; a dogtrainer, pilot, musician, politician, investor, and professor. But a common theme was the underlying use of a blog. We could argue that the blog is mainstream now, and I had a great time turning people on to the great relationship between BlogTalkRadio and the blog. Bringing an interactive audio feature really livens things up. Your message is amplified, literally. Social networks like MySpace, Facebook and others supercharge this capability. And it’s only going to get better.


Matt Mullenweg is joining BlogTalkRadio’s CEO Alan Levy tomorrow morning at 8 am PT. It’s an opportunity to ask the founding developer of WordPress questions you have about blogging. You can call-in or type a message to to the guest or host during the show. The call-in number or The Alan Levy Show is +1 (347) 677-0649.


There are dozens of groups about BlogTalkRadio shows on Facebook, by the way. BlogTalkRadio recently launched a few groups of it’s own to highlight specific types of shows.  Join them for news about these topics.








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