BlogTalkRadio – The Logical Progression

Not our words, but those of writer TimK for BlueVerse SEO, a development and search engine optimization blog.

The post, “Blog Talk Radio. The Logical Progression.” echoes a lot about how we feel here at BlogTalkRadio. Alan built this platform originally as an extension of the blog – but it’s grown into a new medium and so much more. BlogTalkRadio enables the purest form of conversation and communication over the Internet.

It’s the best of live interaction:

  • real-time social network
  • no downloads
  • listening is free and easy
  • your audience is just a phone call away

AND recorded audio:

  • RSS feeds
  • streaming or downloadable archives
  • embedded player codes for other sites

Here’s a clip from Tim’s post:

Blogtalkradio is the Logical Progression of bloggers everywhere, no longer confined to either type or badly made video, blogtalkradio combines the freedom of the blog with a structured talk radio format.

I believe that it is the perfect forum to learn, interact and grow as a blogger and all of us who are serious about blogging should get involved, support, click the ads and do all we can to support it.

Plus, TimK provides some jazzy beats in the post, too. Even more reason to read the whole post.

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