BlogTalkRadio Welcomes Jim Killeen from “Google Me The Movie”

Ever Googled your own name? Sure you have. Here’s one man who’s taken it to the extreme – Jim Killeen.

Tonight at 8pm ET, Host of GOOGLE Me Talk Radio, Jim Cobb welcomes The GOOGLE Me Man with the plan, Jim Killeen, star of “Google Me The Movie” to be released this Friday.

According to Newport Beach Film Festival 2008 “Jim Killeen, an entrepreneur from Los Angeles, Googled his name one day and found other Jim Killeen’s online. Jim took the next step by contacting the others by email. Then he gave them a call on the phone. Finally, he decided to go around the world meeting the Jim Killeen found this through his Google search. Each Jim adds his own individual contribution to the “first” Jim’s journey.

Jim Killeen’s adventure through the search engines of GOOGLE takes him to the far corners of the Earth and has given him a knowledge one can only obtain throughout a journey of this magnitude. Find out more tonight in this exclusive LIVE interview.


27 thoughts on “BlogTalkRadio Welcomes Jim Killeen from “Google Me The Movie”

  1. Jim Cobb

    A special thanks goes out to BlogTalkRadio from Google Me Talk Radio for allow us to share Google Me The Movie and Jim Killeen with the world.

    Google Me Regards,

    Jim Cobb, Host
    Google Me Talk Radio

  2. wavecritter

    Google Me The Movie on Blog Talk radio with host Jim Cobb and special guest Jim Killeen was an inspiring show and entertainment dream! Thank you so much to Blog Talk Radio, Jim Cobb, Jim Killeen, and GOOGLE! It was an awesome time! Your friends Wavecritter and Wyverex @ Blog Talk Radio Video Games and Gaming

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  4. Nancy Nye aka KannDoGirl

    Terrific interview with Jim Killeen of Google Me The Movie. Will be a great movie to see, and will plant a lot of food for thought. Thank to Mr Killeen for agreeing to the interview, and thanks to Jim Cobb for inviting him to be on Google Me Blog Talk Radio. KDG

  5. john raines

    Jim Killeen maker of Google Me The Movie has created an interesting film about how people with the same name feel connected even if they are in reality quite different. I think it was awesome that Jim Cobb host of Google Me Talk Radio was able to book Jim Killeen for this interview on the day preceding the world premiere of Google Me The Movie. Very special and timely. – Ask John Raines – Google Me

  6. Silvia Richardson Google me

    That was an impressive interview Jim Cobb and Jim Killeen all at once. WOW!
    The movie is incredible – outstanding with its sensitivity and humor. Full of valid information and what an excellent idea to Google himself and than pursue to find the Jim’s alike, very refreshing and thoughful. Thanks for letting us be part of your life thru this eventful movie.

  7. gia2054

    Hi Jim, your interview with Jim Killeen “Google Me The Movie” on your Google me talk radio show was an exhilarating experience. I enjoyed every minute of it!

    Gwendolyn Allen “Google Me” aka Gia2054


    This was a very interesting show for Jim Killeen to Google his name and found other men with the same name was quite unique for him to discover, and then to go around to meet them in person, I would say that is awesome. Then for Jim to make a movie, that is wonderful and I can not wait to see the movie.


  9. Douglas Gorden Jr

    Wow! This is what the Internet should be all about great job keep it up. This movie truly shows what mankind and technology can do. Awesome Movie! Oh yeah Google Me Douglas Gorden Jr.

  10. Scott OBrien

    Jim Killeen and Jim Cobb did a very entertaining Google Me Talk Radio Show on the new movie called “Google Me” (The Movie). YouTube and Jim Killeen recently released the movie and it’s all about Jim Killeen Googling his own name and setting out to find other Jim Killeen’s around the world! Go to today and check it out!
    Scott OBrien – Google Me

  11. bill bristow

    i find jim cobb’s radio shows very informative and interesting. i stop by just to check them out and cant leave till the end of the show.




  13. Gerhard Kaiser

    Google Me The Movie on Blog Talk radio with host Jim Cobb and special guest Jim Killeen was a awesome show and the gratest I heard about Google and branding! Very special!
    Now I would like to know more about the other Gerhard Kaiser on Google.
    Gerhard Kaiser – Google me

  14. Rhonda Olin

    Jim Cobb is always entertaining and informative in his BlogTalkRadio shows. I listened to Jim’s interview with Jim Killeen and thought it was fantastic. When Jim Killeen released his “‘Google Me’ the movie” on YouTube, I went and watched it and thought it was interesting how different all the other Jim Killeen’s were that he interviewed. Since the movie may not be on YouTube very long, go to and buy the dvd or follow the link to watch it on YouTube.
    Rhonda Olin – Google Me

  15. Margie Franklin

    Jim Cobb’s interview with Jim Killeen of Google Me The Movie, was powerful. It certainly kept my attention. I enjoyed it so much that I even had some family members listen to excerpts of the recording.

  16. Elizabeth van den Akker

    Outstanding Interview…Shows what one person and some technology can,
    accomplish when you are persistent and follow your guts.

    Powerful movie Loved it very much – Hope that a lot of persons after seeing this,
    starts their own name search …after that they put their ….name first out on Google.

    Keep the movement going:

  17. Dorothy Lanman

    Jim Killeen started the ball rolling. Do you think others will follow the trail he just blazed. Amazing the possibilites there are on the Internet to link us all together. Thanks Jim Killeen.

  18. Jarhead

    Awesome show. The power of the internet is unbelievable. Thanks to Jim Cobb and Jim Killeen for their time and efforts.

  19. askklbrown

    This was a great show and shows that the internet is here to stay and very informitive. Keep up the great work Jim.
    God Bless
    klbrown-“google me”


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