Chris Brogan: I’m Not the Big Bad Wolf. Social Media’s My Job

It’s not easy being a social-media guru, particularly a successful one.

Just ask Chris Brogan.

Interviewed on Danny Brown, the president of digital-marketing agency New Marketing Labs bemoans the drubbing he takes from his critics and comrades alike.

CAPTION: "I have to say, I'm not all that pleased about it," Chris (above) tells us of his backstabbers.

"I have to say, I'm not all that pleased about it," Chris (above) tells us of his backstabbers.

“I’ve gone from being this guy who’s blogged for 10 years to—every time I pick up a new client it seems like this is fodder for, Is Chris Brogan the Big Bad Wolf?” he tells host Danny Brown.

“Recently, a blog picked up a story, supposedly fictional, of what if I were the person who invited Chris to CES [the annual Consumer Electronics Association trade show] in January. And what if, at that event, my client, Panasonic, was working with Chris and Chris makes a relationship with someone who later becomes a client, like Sony, seven or so months later?

“So this somewhat conjecture—which read almost exactly like an email that I’d received from another party—soon becomes everyone’s chance to decide if I was unethical.

“It seems like the majority of the court weighed in that I was yet again reasonably ethical, but somewhat shady. That’s my own choice of words,” continues Chris, whose new book—a New York Times bestseller co-authored by Julien Smith—is titled Trust Agents: Using the Web to Build Influence, Improve Reputation, and Earn Trust.

Mitch Joel of [digital-marketing and communications firm] Six Pixels of Separation made the joke, ‘Why don’t we just, every time you get a new client, shake the Internet and write a bunch of scared blogs?’trust-agents-cover

“This is my job. I’m paid to work with big companies. I’m also paid to make bloggers understand how they might make business.

“I can’t imagine somebody going over to the call center employee and screaming, ‘I can’t believe you’re making a paycheck while you’re answering the phone helping people! You mean helping people is worth money? What are you, some kind of grubber?’

“This is ridiculous. I’m getting paid for my job. I’m not asking my friends to pay for me. I’m not sitting around with countless schemes to get your money.”

Then Chris quips: “I haven’t tried to sell out my community—although I would for $10 million. Yea, that’s the number. Ten million. I’ll flip over my entire contact list. I will say anything.”

Later in the show, Chris’ irritation returns, seemingly with good reason:

“I’ve got a lot of people saying not particularly nice things about me who I’ve bought dinner for, who I’ve had drinks with, who I considered my real friends, who suddenly are taking swings at me.”

To hear Chris’ full interview, click here.

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4 thoughts on “Chris Brogan: I’m Not the Big Bad Wolf. Social Media’s My Job

  1. Danny Brown

    Hey guys,

    Thanks so much for the little feature here on the BTR blog, really appreciate it. Chris was definitely a great guest and, true to the ethos behind the book, more than happy to be open on a lot of topics. Hopefully everyone that listened enjoyed it as much as I did recording it 🙂


  2. Sharifah Hardie

    Hey All:

    I have to say is, “Go Chris.” I have watched and learned from Chris for years and being in the online marketing arena people always want to judge you harsher than if you were using offline means of marketing. Online marketing, blogging, etc does not receive the respect that offline marketing receives. Offline you can purchase television, radio, print advertising and get your message across to millions of people but online if millions of people see your message you have to be a “Shady Spammer.” I believe this will change in time, til then Chris keep doing what you’re doing. If I had ten million dollars I’d buy your contact list!

    All the best!


  3. Chrystal Bougon

    I am such a big fan of yours. I follow you on Twitter, too. I am also looking to take my radio show off of WSRadio and move it… since you are on here it makes me think that Blog Talk Radio is the place to host my own show. (Which is about sex, not seo or some!) 🙂 Chrystal


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