Ian Murdock, Sun Strategist Sheds Light on Startup Camp

Special guest on New Media Havens today is Ian Murdock discussing his role at Sun Microsystems and the upcoming Startup Camp.

Ian Murdock is the Chief Operating Systems Platform Strategist at Sun Microsystems. He’ll be discussing both Sun Microsystems and Startup Camp on New Media Havens today at Noon ET.

Startup Camp

Ian also blogs about emerging platforms, the open source business opportunity, and the commoditization of software on Ian Murdock’s Weblog.

Startup Camp, held in New York City on October 22-23, 2007, is the Unconference for the Startup Community. In true unconference fashion, it’s free and the schedule is set by the attendees.

Startup Camp is an unconference-style event that’s dedicated to bringing together the various members of the startup community for a face-to-face collaborative meetup where its the attendees that drive the agenda

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