New Media Comes to Life on BlogTalkRadio Today

How phenomenal to see new media prove new media. Today on the network we have social media shows using BlogTalkRadio to get the word out and extend the reach of the blog or unconference.

In anticipation of Blog World Expo, Assaf Henkin co-founder of Kontera will be speaking about Making Money With Your Blog on Blog World Expo Radio at 1pm ET. If you are a blogger or BlogTalkRadio host, there is no reason you should miss this outstanding show that may change your life.

podcampworld Next, I’m thrilled to announce BlogTalkRadio will air a worldwide conversation as both Podcamp Boston 2 and Podcamp Australia dial in to kickoff their respective unconferences tonight at 9pm ET on Podcamp Radio. Bryan Person from Boston will welcome Adam Purcell from Perth and a host of others. And speaking of Podcamp Boston, John C. Havens will be broadcasting his Transparency Manifesto interactive workshop designed to define and galvanize best-practice rules of the blog/podosphere live tomorrow at 9:30am ET on New Media Havens.

BlogTalkRadio will also be live streaming The World’s Biggest Blog Party event over the course of their 24-hour shindig. It’s a fundraiser in honor of Make A Difference day. Hear the streams live or archived from the event starting tonight.

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