Sony’s Senior VP of Corporate Communication, Rick Clancy

The Sony Corporation dove into social media earlier this year with, for example, two blogs and a lot of thought. Rick Clancy, Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications, joins New Media Havens today.

Clancy Clancy joins John C. Havens on New Media Havens today at 1pm ET to talk about Sony’s move into social media, electronics and Sony products, and the upcoming CES conference in Vegas.

Clancy is also the author of the Sony Electronics Blog, about which he writes:

I realize that this blog may not please everyone, but the world of Sony sure does have a lot to offer….I hope to bring you some insights and perspectives on innovative products, new technologies, industry issues, major events, consumer topics, b2b initiatives, marketing campaigns, retail strategies, customer service, environmental efforts, and more…much more. I will also use this site to clarify misperceptions, debate certain hot topics, address issues in the press, announce major service alerts, talk about key trends and comment on timely news events. On occasion, I’d like to take the liberty of offering some of my personal Sony experiences…

Join this conversation with Sony corporate leadership to get the inside scoop on Sony’s move into new media. Call in number: (646) 716-7071.

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