Blogger Natasha Eubanks: I CHOOSE to Uphold Journalistic Standards

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Natasha: Sensible talk from this celebrity blogger.

If Natasha EubanksYoung, Black and Fabulous celebrity-gossip blog has 30 million readers (and it does), that’s because she gives traditional media its props.

This week on Avenue Pink, the 26-year-old Washington, D.C.-based creator of discusses her formula for online success.

“I do not call myself a journalist. And I would never disrespect that field,” Natasha tells hosts Lande Yoosuf, Klassy Chassy, MiSS Quan and LGoodie.

“I didn’t go to school to be a journalist, I don’t have to uphold journalistic standards and ethical standards, necessarily. But I choose to do so.

“Journalists are reporters. and they’re kind of in a whole different lane. And I respect that.

“I am a blogger. I give my opinion and I talk about what I want to talk about. And yet I keep myself in a certain place where I stay responsible about what I say. There’s a pretty big difference there.newybflogo2

“So I love that a lot of these big-media, journalistic entities are coming to bloggers to get even further scoop on certain things. But I do wish that everybody keeps everything separate, and distinguishes between what’s real real real and what’s—you know—we’re puttin’ our stamp on something.

“CNN puts its stamp on something. I will believe CNN over some random blogger who just popped up yesterday and is just givin’ their opinion on something.

“I don’t agree with bloggers who strictly give opinions as a primary source.”

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One thought on “ Blogger Natasha Eubanks: I CHOOSE to Uphold Journalistic Standards

  1. Dr Laraine

    Oh Natasha, what a breathe of fresh air you are!
    Would that more bloggers and various opinion spinners keep their standards so high. Bless you; keep the cool flowing.


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