Who is Alan Levy

I’m Alan Levy, CEO of BlogTalkRadio.com.

As I’ll be posting here a lot to keep you up to speed on all the excitement over at BlogTalkRadio.com, I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself.

Like many bloggers, I only discovered this incredible medium a couple of years ago. My background is in telecommunications, where I launched Destia Communications, took the company public, and sold it to Viatel.

Though we are well versed in launching companies and taking them public, financial success was not our motivation in launching BlogTalkRadio.com. Instead, it was a deep fascination and respect for the blogosphere. It’s the first medium to allow any individual a fair platform for speaking his mind and securing an audience. Plus it’s gone a long way to help some of the Have-Not’s become the Have’s.

And the thought of enabling the Have-Not’s led us to a new idea…

The Birth of BlogTalkRadio.com
Like every megalith on the internet, BlogTalkRadio started out as a tiny idea. After seeing a friend of mine, Martin Varsavsky, spread the message of his wi-fi marketplace, Fon, through blogging and networking with other bloggers, I became fascinated by this strange new world called the blogosphere.

Following his lead, I dove into the medium, posting, commenting, and reading all types of blogs.

I was hooked. But my new obsession left something to be desired. I come from a telecommunications background – I’m used to the vigor and instantaneous nature of verbal communication.

Then the light bulb blasted on!

If any person in the world can easily create his own news column or text media outlet through a blog, why couldn’t any one of us host our own talk show?

BlogTalkRadio.com was born.

Rooting for the Little Guy
As I said earlier, blogging caught my eye because it gives voice to every individual with something to say. Never before have we had the freedom and platform to share our ideas and secure an audience.

We are dedicated to extending the blog to live talk shows that again give voice to the little guy, the common blogger, the individual. We’re also providing a platform that groups can utilize to amplify and enhance their message. Charities, political activists, professional organizations, business owners, and schools – through BlogTalkRadio.com, we can each establish continuing dialogues that inspire and affect change.

Now each of us can harness the gravity and influence of Talk Radio magnates like Rush Limbaugh, Howard Stern, or Dr. Laura, to support the topics and issues important to us. And all it takes is any kind of phone, landline and otherwise, and something to say.

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