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Storytellers Spotlights Social Media Pioneer & BlogWorld Founder

Did you catch our first Storytellers episode of 2013? Host Eric Olsen welcomed social media pioneer, Jessica Northey and New Media Expo / BlogWorld Founder Rick Calvert.

Social Media Pioneer, Jessica NortheyCalled a “Social Media Pioneer” by Forbes, Tucson native Jessica Northey is a social media, broadcasting, and Country Music blogger/journalist, as well as a regular speaker at broadcasting and social media conferences. She was a featured speaker at New Media Expo/BlogWorld this January.  Specializing in social media where you ARE the brand, breaking new artists and strategic use of social media for broadcasting, Jessica is taking over the Country Music industry one tweet at a time with over 525k followers.  After 15+ years in traditional media experience, she founded Digital media firm In May 2011, Northey created #CMchat (Country Music Chat) on Twitter, which has become one of the largest hashtag (#) communities on Twitter, generating over 50 million impressions per week.

Rick Calvert, Founder of BlogWorld and New Media ExpoRick Calvert founded New Media Expo (aka BlogWorld), the world’s largest conference and trade show for bloggers, podcasters, web TV & video creators, and social business pros. NME attracts content creators from across the globe, and it’s also the epicenter of leading ideas in social business along with the BusinessNext Social conference. These concurrent events combine to produce a who’s-who line up of content creators, global influencers, niche experts and business icons dedicated to educating you with the latest knowledge, technology and techniques for online success.

Tune in to Storytellers to learn more about Jessica and Rick.

Post Promotion Checklist For Online Radio Hosts and Podcasters

Post Promotion Guide: 12 Things To Do After You Host Your Podcast

A lot of effort is put into promoting your show before it goes live, but it’s just as important to promote your show after you host it in order to develop a following, generate traffic and build relationships.

We recently did a show on BlogTalkRadio University sharing the 12 things to check off your list after you host your show.  The show was inspired by an infographic posted by DivvyHQ on the topic of how to promote a blog post after you write it.  In some ways, you can compare hosting a podcast or an online radio show to “audio blogging” so many of the tips in the infographic apply to our radio hosts.

Listen to our most recent episode to get your post-show cheat sheet of everything you need to do to promote your latest show episode. And be sure to listen to the entire broadcast because we share a 13th tip that you don’t want to miss! Tune in.

BlogTalkRadio Hosts Representing at BlogHer ’12 Conference

BlogHer is the largest network of women bloggers.  Each year, the organization hosts a conference to bring their community together to learn and meet one another. This year’s conference, BlogHer ’12, featured a number of insightful panels on blogging, social media, podcasting, etc. in addition to some outstanding speakers including Martha Stewart, Katie Couric, Soledad O’Brien, Christy Turlington, Malaak Compton Rock. This year, via satellite, President Obama addressed conference attendees.

This past weekend, we were pleased to run into three of our very own hosts at the BlogHer ’12 Conference.  Host Lara Galloway of Mom Biz Solutions with Lara Galloway, The Mom Biz Coach spoke on a panel about Streamlining Your Technical Toolkit: How to Do More with Less and Host Deborah Shane of Deborah Shane Metropolis spoke on a panel entitled Podcasting 101.   We also ran into Host Kathy Crowley of Talking with Toastmasters who was a conference attendee.

If you missed out on BlogHer ’12 this year, don’t fret because BlogHer ’13 is already in the works and will be landing in Chicago next year.  Read more about it here. And if you are a woman blogger or interested in starting your own blog, take the time to become part of the BlogHer community. It’s a great way to network and meet other women that are interested in building their brands online.

Tips on Working with Advertisers From Nick Faber of Blogads

Last week, Nick Faber of Blogads made a special visit to our Marketing Club show to talk about tips on working with advertisers and sponsors. He is the Social Media Coordinator at Blogads, a network that connects bloggers with advertisers.  Blogads helps bloggers generate revenue and helps advertisers reach niche communities online.

Nick shared best practices on the topic as it related to how BlogTalkRadio hosts could work with advertisers more effectively.  He had some great advice to share on getting your show ready for advertisers, examples of effective advertising partnerships he has seen on his network, tips on putting together a media kit and much more. Tune in here to listen to the broadcast in its entirety.

Don’t forget to tune into future Marketing Club shows every other Tuesday at 1PM EST and listen to archived shows that you may have missed here.  You can see the complete list of educational shows for hosts that we offer on our BlogTalkRadio University page here.

Blogging’s Greatest Hits


by Deborah Ng

As a professional blogger, it took years for me to learn the ropes. Blogging isn’t something I entered into blind. I did a lot of research to learn from the best probloggers in the business. There’s a lot more to blogging than just posting some content.

After browsing our blogging-related content, I realize we have so much educational content from both well known bloggers, and up and comers. If you’re interested in learning more about blogging, you might be interested in these gems from the BlogTalkRadio vault:

Blogging’s Greatest Hits

  • My friend “Authority Blogger” Chris Garrett, who is also a blogging superstar and all around nice guy, visited with SobCon Radio in December to discuss blogging.
  • At BlogWorld Expo ’08, another of my blogging friends, Darren Rowse, the ProBlogger himself, stopped by the BlogTalkRadio booth to talk about b5Media, blogging and more.
  • Darren also visited with Wayne Hurlbert last July to discuss blogging for a six figure income.
  • Chris Garrett and David Peralty dropped by to chat with me on FWJ Radio to talk about whether it’s more profitable to blog for one’s self or become a blogger for hire.
  • My idol (and friend), Liz Strauss, visited with Wayne Hurlbert to talk about Blogger and SOBCon founder Liz Strauss talks relationship blogging and power of conference participation
  • Liz also visited with Sherry Borzo last month to discuss blogging and social media as a way to build community.
  • A couple of weeks ago, Jim Turner of Social Mediasphere discussed the future of blog networks.
  • Behind the Blog answers all your questions about blogs and blogging.
  • Another blogging friend, Wendy Pearsall of Sparkplugging, visited Let’s Talk Blogging in December 2007 to discuss building her blogging network and an online business.
  • Blogger’s School offers practical advice for starting a profitable and successful blog.
  • Business Builders offered tips for blogging for business.
  • Blog Wold Expo Radio features interviews and advice with the movers and shakers in blogging and social media.
  • Another friend, Jenn Mattern discusses how to become a professional blogger
  • The Blog Training Academy teaches all about how to start a blog from scratch.

BlogTalkRadio features over 500 hours of blogging-related content. Please see the search results page for a look at all of our blogging-related content, or subscribe to the blogging feed to receive alerts to all upcoming blogging-themed shows.

10 Reasons Why You Should Consider Blogging


by Deb Ng

As a professional blogger I learned a lot about what it takes to run and build a successful blog and community. Perhaps even more important, I learned why blogs are an important promotional, social networking and community building tool. For serious podcasters and online radio hosts, blogging is a must. Here are some reasons to consider starting your own blog:

  1. Blogs bring in search engine traffic – Blogs have the ability to bring in massive amounts of search engine traffic. You can use this traffic to your benefit.  Talk about your show and promote upcoming guests and topics.
  2. Blogs give you a place to showcase your shows and podcasts – Did you know you can embed your show’s player on your blog? This gives your readers and listeners a convenient place to listen, and keeps traffic where you want it most. Plus, when hear your most recent show, they might be inclined to visit BlogTalkRadio to check out the archives.
  3. Blogs allow you to share news and ideas – Explore your niche and bring readers and listeners the latest news, tips and ideas in your topic.
  4. Blogs offer you the opportunity to build up a community – For many bloggers, the best part of blogging is growing a community. When folks comment on a regular basis, you know they’re interested in you and what you have to say. When your community is turned on to your blog, they’ll want to learn more about your radio show.
  5. Blogs allow you to keep the conversation flowing long after your show ended – A blog is the perfect vehicle to follow up on radio show topics. Plus your community and listeners can continue the discussion long after the chat room ends.
  6. Blogs are an awesome promotional tool – Your blog is yours to do with whatever you like! Use it to promote your shows to your heart’s content. Discuss upcoming guests, topics and more.
  7. Blogs allow you to share links and resources – After each show post links to informative articles and resources for further exploration.
  8. Blogs give you the opportunity to take your podcast to a whole new level – and vice versa – Blogging allows you to expand on your day’s topic and reach a whole new audience.
  9. Blogs are fun – Most bloggers blog because they love what they do. Blogging about your favorite topic is fun and addictive.
  10. Blogs helps you become established as an expert in your niche – Use your blog to showcase your expertise. Show off your knowledge. When you know what you’re talking about, folks want to read what you have to say.

Tell us about your blogs – how do you use them as a promotional tool for your radio shows?

How to Have Your BlogTalkRadio Show Featured

Deb mentioned that some hosts had been asking her about being featured. I would like to clarify the process to request featured shows so we are all on the same page.

As all our esteemed hosts know, BlogTalkRadio is a growing community, a network of hosts and listeners, interacting on a wide variety of topics each day. These shows, these interactive conversations, are all valuable to our community as a whole.

Since we are all putting in such hard work to make our shows the best they can be, I wanted to give you my insider tips, straight from the Features Editor, to help promote your content:

1. Do your part. When submitting a Features Request, it helps to show the PR team what you have already done to promote your show. Have you embedded players on your blog, and sent out bulletins and reminders? What is your guest doing to promote? This shows us that you are as invested in getting the word out as you want us to be.

2. Time is on your side. Give as much notice as possible about your special guest. You wouldn’t promote a lecture, a performance, or a television show only the night before, so why leave your BlogTalkRadio promotion to the last minute? With less than 48 hours notice, there is limited ability to feature. You have been warned. The PR team sometimes receives requests for a show a month ahead of time. Everything is documented and you won’t be forgotten. If you receive a Confirmation email with your request number, there is no need to re-submit the information.

3. Say Cheese. Send us pictures. Even if its a logo from your guest’s site, or a headshot of you, or a picture of your dog. Its helpful to have that visual information at our fingertips, and will reduce the chances we will accidentally promote the wrong Michael Jackson.

4. Confirm. Make sure your guest is going to show up. We understand that things happen that are outside your control, but once we’ve done the promotion and put in the effort, we hope you have put in the effort to deliver the show you promised us and your listeners.

5. Relax. Although the homepage is the most visible way we promote, remember we have many more ways of getting the word out, some of which are not so obvious. Our PR Team does outreach to blogs, sends bulletins on social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace, blasts out show information via Twitter, and works with our PR Agency to spread the word about our great hosts. Please remember we are working hard for you, and that it benefits us both to get the word out about your shows. We are on your side.

6. Make it easy on us. Remember to submit your information directly from our site using our automated Features Request form. You can find it when you are logged in, under MyAccount>Promote. You can request a few different methods of featuring using this form. The PR team is available by email at for questions, but it is very difficult to keep track of any Features information that is sent via email. Our developers created an easy-to-use form for us, so please use it!

That’s just a brief taste of how to best request to be featured. Featured spots are limited and we receive many more requests than we can accommodate, but the PR team always does the best they can to promote your content.

We look forward to receiving your requests!

Nikki Rocks the Podcamp

Nikki Starr

Nikki Starr

BlogTalkRadio’s own Nikki Starr will be speaking at PodCamp Boston on Saturday July 19th. Her session is called “Becoming Part of the Conversation- Using a live podcast to allow your readers to ‘become part of the conversation'” and begins at 11:15 a.m. EST.

If you’re attending PodCamp Boston or in the area, do stop by and show your support. I can’t think of anyone more qualified to talk about how to engage listeners in conversation.

Knock ’em dead, Nikki.