Blogtalkradio – A Bunch of Nuts

We are witnessing citizen journalism at it’s finest.

Of course, my reference to “nuts” has to do with BTR radio host Shaun Daily’s call to Jericho fans to send nuts to CBS studios for canceling the TV series Jericho. Incredibly, I think more than 30,000 pounds of nuts were sent to CBS loading docks.

It’s so exciting to see how Blogtalkradio and the Shaun O Mac radio show have been at the center of the effort to bring the TV show Jericho back from the dead.

Here is an article which was just posted on CNN which highlights our involvement in this grassroots campaign.

Around three week ago, Shaun started broadcasting a “save Jericho” campaign on his daily radio show. His show was picked up by the numerous Save Jericho links and started attracting thousands of listeners. Rather than simply take calls from concerned fans, he interviewed executive producers, creators and actors from the show. By using the Blogtalkradio platform, the developers of Jericho were able to engage their audience directly in live conversation.

Last night for example, the phone lines were jammed. I waited more than 1/2 hour to get on Shaun’s show and I own the network. 🙂

There have been many individuals and groups responsible for CBS deciding to bring Jericho back. I am happy and incredibly excited that Blogtalkradio played an important part in this effort.


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