BlogTalkRadio: A New Medium

medium (see individual senses for plurals)
(pl. media) A format for presenting information.

I took the liberty of posting the definition of “medium” from wikipedia.

The other day I spoke with Richard Laermer. Richard is a terrific pr guy who worked with me in the past when I was president of Destia Communications. Richard has been around awhile and in addition to keeping his busy schedule, posts at his blog Anyway, when I talked to him about Blogtalkradio he told me that he felt we were creating a new medium. After he told me that I went to Wiki to get further clarity.

Blog’s are limited by a number of things. First, they are historical in nature. Whether the post is 1 minute, 1 hour, or 1 day “old”, the conversation is historical in nature. Second, although posts can and are commented on, this form of two way interaction is less than ideal or interactive.

Our platform is not intended to replace the blog, never was and never will. Blogtalkradio “extends” the blog and the traditional podcast by allowing the host to interact with their audience in a live real time manner. Sure, the host’s shows are stored and can be podcast at a later date, however, our “medium” allows the host to speak directly with their audience. Cool concept.


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