Blogtalkradio – a Plan for 2007

Those of you that have followed our progress since our launch in August 2006 have seen our “social radio network” grow in every major metric. From the number of hosts (which is now more than 1600) to the number of shows listened to (which just hit 1,000,000) to visits, page views, hits, etc, all of our growth charts look like hockey sticks.

Now that 2006 is behind us, I thought it would make sense to share with you some of the enhancements we will be making to the service in 2007. Of course, this list will be added to and amended countless times, so if you have any suggestions please let us know.

  1. Our site is in the process of a major redesign. When we launched our current site, our objective was to attract hosts to the platform. We wanted to make the site as easy as possible for those that want to host their own on-line radio show. We were successful enough to attract more than 1600 hosts to our platform. Now, our objective is build on the social community we have seen develop at Blogtalkradio. Our site redesign will focus much more on the listener. Our listeners will be able to create their own preferences, upload images, chat with our hosts, more easily find top shows by genre, etc.
  2. We believe that Blogtalkradio will be a global brand and service offering. We already have hosts originating from more than 25 countries. The concept of allowing anyone to host their own show is not a dynamic limited to the US. Citizen Broadcasters live everywhere and enabling people to broadcast live and to than have their show archived and made available on their own blog is as useful in the UK as it is in Argentina as it is in Japan. During the first quarter of 2007, we will implement a system which will do away with the need for our international hosts or listeners to dial a US phone number. Stay tuned!
  3. I expect that as our audience continues to grow and our platform gets more tested, we will begin to see a much wider adoption of Blogtalkradio by noted media personalities and other types of popular content. We have always offered the medium, but now we are delivering the audience as well.
  4. Blogtalkradio works in many, many circumstances. Our hosts include bloggers, authors, artists, comedians, marketing professionals, etc. etc. This list goes on and on. In 2007, I expect that Blogtalkradio will begin to attract politicians gearing up for the 2008 elections. BTR will provide politicians of all shapes and sizes a town hall platform to reach out to their audience. This dynamic BTW, is not limited to the US either.

Finally, we expect to come out of “beta” at some point during the second quarter after we have implemented these important enhancements to the website and platform.

I want to thank everyone who has been involved with Blogtalkradio and those who are making this new and exciting medium an important part of their lives.

If you thought 2006 was exciting, just wait until this time next year.

See you “on-air”




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