BlogTalkRadio Brings Tech's Best to Talk Transparency and Business

Check out this amazing list of tech and business shows coming up on Media 2.Open with John C. Havens and Shel Holtz starting today at noon Eastern Time.

3/20/2008, 12:00pm ET 3:30pm ET an Interview with Lynne d Johnson, the Senior Editor for and blogger at She’ll be talking about the nature of Transparency and how Circle of Friends and FC TV has helped increase communication / openness between FC and its community.

3/21/2008, 9:00am ET, an Interview with Jeff Pulver, the Chairman and Founder of, and one of the true pioneers of the VoIP industry and a leader in the emerging TV on the Net industry. He is a globally renowned thought leader, author and entrepreneur talking transparency and social media breakfasts.

3/21/2008, 1:00pm ET an Interview with Dominic Jones, one of the principals of IR Web Report, created in 2001 to publish research and information about online investor relations practices around the world and to advise public companies on best practices. Dominic is also the founder of Clarity! Communications of Canada Inc., to which he brings more than 15 years of experience in journalism, investor education and online investor relations communications.

3/24/2008, 3pm ET, an Interview with Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales founder of Wikipedia and Wikia Inc., a consumer destination site joins John C. Havens for a discussion of transparency and the newly launched Wikia Search, a human-powered, open source search engine.

3/28/2008, 2:45pm ET, an Interview with Jonathan Schwartz of Sun Microsystems, CEO and president of Sun Microsystems, blogger, and a member of Sun’s board of directors, is an inveterate communicator. Schwartz has led Sun’s drive to engage the marketplace, and redefined corporate transparency.

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