BlogTalkRadio Goes On Campus

Driving home today in my car I had an idea. BlogTalkRadio is a new medium in the blogging world, and we all know that taking blogging to another level is just too good to be true, us prolific bloggers all need to experience Blogtalkradio to appreciate the new level that it takes you to.

My idea was this, college students, utilizing BlogTalkRadio. Whether it be for their own internet radio station, a special interest group, or political campaigning on campus etc.

How wonderful would it be if you were a journalism major, and you could actually log onto BlogTalkRadio, set up your own show, and get your feet wet in the field of radio broadcasting.

Or if you are in a special interest group, being able to reach virtually millions of people with your cause, or even a point counterpoint session between two political groups on campus.
BlogTalkRadio allows up to 5 people on the line at the same time. The possibilities are endless.

A professor can also hold a special lecture on BlogTalkRadio, and not only can he take calls for a question answer session, his students can download for podcasting later.

Even reporting live from a College football game is possible. All you need is a phone, and someone manning a computer.

For the next few months we will be heading up a big endeavor to get the word out to college campuses. If anyone feels BlogTalkRadio would benefit their school, feel free to Email Alan Levy at or yours truly

Lets talk!! Because that’s what this is all about after all, hearing from you the people.

Amy Domestico

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